A word about PLY

Plywood is a natural material.  We have carefully selected A/B Grade Birch Plywood as the material for our Core Range of fronts, the best plywood in the world for internal joinery applications.  While all efforts have been made to ensure the highest quality and best performing outcome for our panels it is important to note that natural materials can be susceptible to movement.  This cannot be considered a defect but a characteristic of a natural material. Exposure to direct sunlight and extreme shifts in temperature will increase the propensity for movement.  If ordering unfinished panels we strongly suggest finishing them as soon as possible to guard against movement. Doors are more prone to movement than drawers, so we suggest designing your kitchen with as many drawers as possible.  There may be the odd boat patch on the rear ('B' side) of our Natural Plywood Range, this cannot be considered a defect.   Plywood is a beautiful natural material that will reward you with unparalleled longevity if treated with care.