Luxe Range - Linoleum Surfaced Plywood 

Linoleum is an inviting material, with a tactile finish that is warm and comforting. It offers the perfect high end kitchen surface material that is robust, long lasting and environmentally friendly. The unique matt finish resists marks and fingerprints. The linoleum is applied to a substrate of birch plywood, the best plywood in the world for joinery, to create a beautiful panel suitable for doors, drawer faces, panels, kickboards and counter-tops. Expressed plywood edges complete the architectural detail of these panels for a look that is distinctive and refined.  

Linoleum surfaced plywood kitchen fronts with wooden handles from Interia

Shown above is Linoleum Surfaced Plywood in 'Nero', with 'Hole' handles in Blackbutt.

Shown is 'Plain Door' in Linoleum Surfaced Plywood in 'Nero'.

Shown above is Linoleum Surfaced Plywood in 'Nero' with 'Hole' handles in Blackbutt, counter-top is Black Laminated Plywood.

Shown above is Linoleum Surfaced Plywood in 'Nero'  with 'Finger Pull' handle.

Product Information

The fronts are made from 18mm 'A/B Grade' Chain of Custody Certified Birch Plywood with Multiedge Laminations, surfaced on the front face with 2mm thick Furniture Linoleum, and on the back face with .7mm thick white laminate. Total thickness of panel is approximately 21mm.  The surfacing of the Furniture Linoleum is done under high pressure to ensure lifetime bonding.  The Chain of Custody Certification ensures the timber is from responsible forestry practices.

Furniture Linoleum is an all natural, environmentally responsible material that is antistatic and very easy to clean without the use of harsh chemicals.  The matte finish is finger print resistant.

Two Price Options

The fronts are available 'Straight off the Saw' requiring sanding and finishing to the edges or 'Finished' where all edges have been sanded and finished with three coats of Polyx®-Oil Raw.



The Furniture Linoleum is available in 'Nero' colourways with a further 20 colours available with an increased lead time (up to 12 weeks). Download the linoleum brochure with the colours represented here.

Tall Doors


If you need doors 120cm tall or more, we recommend ordering an MDF linoleum surfaced door with sympathetic edging, to avoid too much movement in the door (see 'A Word About PLY'). We can still supply you with tall plywood doors, but the warranty does not cover any movement of the plywood.



'Finger Pull'

- a circular cut out approx. 40mm diameter, suitable for doors or drawers

arkie screen shot 12.jpg
'Cut Out'

- a rectangular cut out at top of door or drawer 130mm wide x 28mm deep

WHITE 4.jpg

 - a solid timber sleeve designed in collaboration with IN-TERIA.

arkie screen shot 14.jpg
'Plain Door'

 - no cut outs in door or drawer face, apply your own handle


- a solid timber handle 300mm long, perfect for tall doors and dishwashers

For further information about handles - see Handles


You can order the Linoleum Surfaced Plywood Luxe Range in panels suitable for counter-tops. We strongly suggest ordering a sample of furniture linoleum to test-drive before ordering as a counter-top. We don't recommend using Linoleum on a heavy traffic kitchen counter. Counter-top panel thicknesses available are approximately 21mm (substrate of 18mm birch ply) and 33mm (substrate of 30mm birch ply).  We do not recommend overhanging the 21mm thick counter-top by more than 20mm, and the 33mm thick counter-top by more than 200mm.

The range of Natural and Laminated Plywood Counter-tops are also suitable for pairing with the Linoleum Surfaced Plywood fronts.

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