Arkie Natural Plywood Kitchen Fronts

Core Range - Natural Plywood 

Our Natural Plywood range radiates the warmth that can only be achieved with timber.  Each panel is a unique expression of nature, that engages our emotions and senses like no other material.  It retains its character and integrity over time yet transforms as it takes on a patina of age, so it becomes more beautiful as it tells the story of life.  A 'real' material with longevity and soul.  Made from White Birch, a multi layer hardwood ply that is the best in the world for joinery.

Shown above is Natural Plywood with 'Finger Pull' handles. 

Shown above is detail of 'Finger Pull' handle and Black Laminated Ply counter-top.

Shown above is Natural Plywood with 'Finger Pull' handles.

Shown above is Natural Plywood with 'Hole' handle and Black Laminated Ply counter-top.

Product Information


The fronts are made from 18mm 'A/B Grade' Chain of Custody Certified Birch Plywood with Multiedge Laminations.  A very robust long grain medium density hardwood with an E0 emission rating.  Total thickness of panel is approximately 18mm.  The Chain of Custody Certification ensures the timber is sourced using environmentally responsible forestry practices.  To use the material responsibly we optimise it for every order. This means that fronts will most likely have random grain matching and sometimes even have different grain direction. We believe this randomness creates beautiful and interesting connections and it is an integral part of our design for the range.

Two Price Options

The fronts are available 'Straight off the Saw' requiring sanding and finishing to both front and back and the edges or 'Finished' where all sides have been sanded and finished with three coats of Polyx®-Oil Raw.

Tall Doors

If you need doors 120cm tall or more, we recommend ordering an MDF door with birch veneer front and back and veneer edging to avoid too much movement in the door (see 'A Word About PLY'). We can still supply you with tall plywood doors, but the warranty does not cover any movement of the plywood.


'Finger Pull'

- a circular cut out approx. 40mm diameter, suitable for doors or drawers

arkie screen shot 12.jpg
'Cut Out'

- a rectangular cut out at top of door or drawer 130mm wide x 28mm deep

WHITE 4.jpg

 - a solid timber sleeve designed in collaboration with IN-TERIA.

arkie screen shot 14.jpg
'Plain Door'

 - no cut outs in door or drawer face, apply your own handle


- a solid timber handle 300mm long, perfect for tall doors and dishwashers

For further information about handles - see Handles



You can order the Natural Plywood Core Range in panels suitable for counter-tops. Counter-top panel thicknesses available are approximately 18mm and 30mm.  We do not recommend overhanging the 18mm thick counter-top by more than 20mm, and the 30mm thick counter-top by more than 200mm.

The range of Natural Plywood Counter-tops are also suitable for pairing with our other designs.

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