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We want to make sure you get the kitchen fronts that will suit your taste, your house, your kitchen palette and your family. You can order samples of the designs you like so you can see them, feel them and test them for yourself before making your order. If you decide to order your fronts through us, whatever you paid for the samples will be taken off the final price.

Samples are sent out twice a week and we will email you a tracking number once it has been sent.

Linoleum Sample - $2 per sample

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Unfortunately we are out of stock of plywood samples with the linoleum finish on them, but if you are after the linoleum you can get this linoleum sample on its own to get a feel for it. Get a natural sample as well if you like to see how they look together.

The swatch is about 7x9cm.

Go to to see the colour range. Our standard black is called Nero.

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