Please download the Quoting Sheet below and fill out to get a quote.

NB: Quoting Sheet only works with Microsoft Excel. Please upload a PDF of your kitchen planner or email us a list of your required fronts if you do not have Microsoft Excel and we will email you a quote back.

When you are ready to order, either email it to info@arkiedesigns.com.au or use the Dropbox upload below.

How to use the Quoting Sheet

Start by downloading the QuotingSheet.xlsx which you can find at the top of this page. 

Open the file you have just downloaded.

Start by filling out your full name in the 'Bill to:' box, hit enter/return and fill out your street address and suburb, state and postcode in the bottom of the box (each cell will tell you what to enter).

If the order is going to the same address as the billing address, you can leave the 'Ship to:' box empty. If not, please enter the shipping address in this box.

Next, choose your design: click the green cell to the right of 'Design' and an arrow should come up to the right. Click the arrow and choose your design from the drop down menu.

Choose your finish and handle in the same manner as above.

Now it's time to fill in all your different fronts. In the first column you choose the type of front from a drop down menu (you might have to scroll down to see all the choices), then you choose the size of your front in the next column. If you chose a type of door in the first column (except horizontal doors as these have different hinges), you need to select what side you want the door to be hinged in the 'Hinging' column. For all other fronts, leave this column with the automatic 'N/A' filled in.

For the quoting sheet to calculate the total, you need to enter how many of each front you want in the 'Qty' column. Remember to have separate rows for left and right hinged doors. The price per front will automatically be filled in as you make your selections.

The 'Handles' column will automatically fill in your chosen handle if you have selected a type of front that will have a handle. If you wish to have a different handle on some of your fronts, you can choose this from a drop down menu in this column for each front.

The 'Handle Position' column will also automatically be filled based on your previous selections, but you can also change this in a drop down menu. If you are quoting doors that will be above the bench top or really tall doors, please make sure the positioning of the handle is correct.

The rest of the columns will be automatically filled in for you. 

When you have finished entering all your fronts, you will see your estimated total at the top of the sheet, right under the date. 

Here you will also see how many fronts of the different types you have entered to make it easy for you to check with your plans.

Note that the TOTAL does NOT include shipping. Once we receive your QuotingSheet we will email you a quote back with shipping costs and an estimated lead time for your order.


Description of the different types of fronts we offer:

  • Drawer - choose this type of front for all your drawers. These are pre-drilled to fit IKEA drawer runners. Handle position is automatically set at 'Centre'.

  • Door - choose this type of front for most of your doors, except wall cupboard doors and horizontal doors. Remember to choose what side the door is to be hinged and use separate rows for doors the same size but with opposite hinging. Handle position is automatically set at top corner opposite hinging side. Please change if your door is above bench top height and would like the handle to be in the bottom corner instead. If you have a tall cupboard door, we suggest handle position at 800mm from bottom to align with other base cupboard doors.

  • WallCupboardDoor - These fronts have a 10mm overhang as handle to keep your wall cupboards nice and sleek. Don't forget to order the WallCupboardPanel to go on the side of your wall cupboards as these will have the same height as your WallCupboardDoors. For your 60cm wide wall cupboards, we recommend 2x 30cm wide WallCupboardDoors as 60cm wide doors at head height means you have to move back to open it. If you don't want the overhang on your wall cupboards, use the front type 'Door' for all your wall cupboard doors.

  • HorizontalDoor - Again, these come with a 10mm overhang as handle.  Leave the 'Hinging' column as 'N/A' as the horizontal hinges from IKEA come with a drilling template for you to fit the front on the hinges. Horizontal doors can only be 40cm high, so if you have two or more horizontal doors on top of each other, please use the 'Door' option for 'Type of front' as your choice of front as the overhang will not work on this type of setup. Above a fridge space we recommend a 60cm wall cupboard carcass and a 40cm wall cupboard carcass with a 100cm wide horizontal door to create a nice 100cm wide fridge space to fit most fridges.

  • Kickboard - These come in one size. Make sure you order enough to cover your whole kitchen. Any leftover can also be used as fillers. These kickboards must be screwed in place from the inside of the carcass.

  • CounterTop - These come in two sizes, 63.5cm deep for your standard counter top, and 80cm deep for an island with a 20cm overhang. Both come in lengths of 240cm.

  • Filler - We offer a few filler sizes, some 5cm wide (the standard recommendations for a filler against a wall) and some 10cm wide for when you need that little bit extra. They are either 80cm high to fit your base cupboards, or 240cm high to fit your tall cupboards. You can also cut them down to fit your specific kitchen. If you have some leftover kickboard, remember you can use this as fillers as well.

  • WallCupboardPanel - Remember to choose this option if you have chosen 'WallCupboardDoor' or 'HorizontalDoor' for your wall cupboards as these have a 10mm overhang and the 'Panel' option does not accommodate for this.

  • Panel - Use this option for all your side panels and wall cupboard side panels if you chose to use 'Door' as your wall cupboard door without 10mm overhang. Our panels are also ok to use as gables for a dishwasher space, remember to choose the 88cm high panel so it goes down to the floor.

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